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Best mobile hotspots 2021

A mobile hotspot is designed to distribute the Internet from your phone. And within the framework of this article, we propose to consider the purpose of a mobile hotspot, and the best options for mobile hotspots.

What is a mobile hotspot or how to distribute the Internet from a phone?

With the advent of the Internet in our life, people began to come up with more and more sophisticated ways to connect to the World Wide Web. Currently, in many large cities, many projects are being actively developed and launched to organize Wi-Fi networks in places with a large concentration of users of phones, communicators, smartphones, and laptops. And such a place is called a “hot spot”.

A hot spot is an area of an area (for example, an office, a cafe, a metro station) where a portable device (laptop, smartphone, or pocket computer) equipped with a Wi-Fi radio access device can be used to access information networks, such as the Internet. So, many cafes make free hotspots to access the Internet in order to attract visitors and as an additional service. In many cases, hotspots provide a commercial Internet access service (paid on a time-based basis or on the basis of the amount of data transferred).

If the usual access point in the same cafe is a Wi-Fi router, then in the phone this device is the phone itself. That is, this functionality allows you to distribute the Internet from your phone or make it an access point to the Internet for other users. It is a kind of bridge between personal electronics and the mobile network. In some ways, a mobile access point is like a router, only it has portability and wireless connectivity.

Types of mobile hot spots

There are three types of mobile access points – a smartphone access point, a portable access point, and a USB device. They are all designed for different purposes:

  • The access point in a smartphone. The smartphone can not only consume traffic on its own, but also redirect it to other devices via Wi-Fi, and act as a wireless router;
  • Portable access point. A portable Wi-Fi access point, portable mobile access point, travel router, MiFi, handheld Wi-Fi – it’s all one and the same device;
  • A USB access point is similar to a handheld Wi-Fi, only powered by a USB port on a computer or laptop. In essence, this is the same mobile router that works with mobile data.

Best options of mobile hotspots

  • MAP-AC2200 Lyra Ai Mesh Router

The Lyra system allows you to organize a wireless network within large premises. With it, you can connect smartphones, tablets, IP cameras, and other digital devices to the Internet, no matter how big your home is. It can combine up to five nodes connected by wireless and/or connection.

  • Deco 5G

 Deco 5G router combines cutting-edge technology and modern design. Combined with the Wi-Fi 6 standard, the router is capable of providing tri-band Wi-Fi at speeds up to 6600 Mbps. With support for TP-Link HomeCare Pro, all devices connected to the network can be protected from various network threats.

  • Ubiquiti UniFi AC Pro AP

It is an access point that offers not only high performance but also maximum reliability. The model allows you to install and configure the network almost anywhere and in any configuration while ensuring a high signal level.

  • Mikrotik LHG LTE kit

It is designed to “pick up” the fading cellular signal with subsequent amplification and transmission to areas where there is no coverage at all. The device is equipped with one Ethernet port and is equipped with an LTE modem of category 4 for speeds up to 150 Mbps downlink and 50 Mbps uplink.