Avast VS Webroot – who is the winner in this battle?

Choosing a reliable antivirus that will protect the device from various malware and threats is very topical nowadays. However, it’s not an easy process. How can one choose from such an abundant selection? A comparison might help. Let’s compare Avast and Webroot antivirus to see which solution is better.

Comparison criteria

Avast is a popular antivirus with millions of users worldwide. It offers a wide range of bundles from free editions to premium solutions. This antivirus is known for excellent anti-phishing tools and strong security plug-in for browsers. Moreover, the most luxurious bundles are packed with additional features like VPN, Passive Mode, etc. The latter, by the way, allows using multiple security programs in parallel.

Webroot is a cloud-based software the detects and removes various viruses. It’s an excellent solution for outdated PCs because the software is compatible with them. The company also offers competitive prices, especially when users purchase long-term licenses.

To deliver a comprehensive comparison, we’ll compare the main aspects most users are interested in. read on to see which antivirus offers easy-to-use software, better features, value for money, and support.

Ease of use

Avast and Webroot have a tie in this category. Both developers offer intuitive navigation and decent designs. It’s a matter of taste, though. In terms of impact on performance, Avast has a lighter one.


Both programs have Real-Time antivirus, manual virus scan, USB virus scan, registry startup scan, auto-virus scan, and scheduled scan. They also protect users’ devices from various threats like spyware, worms, Trojan, rootkit, phishing sites, etc. However, Webroot falls behind because it doesn’t have adware prevention and spam protection, unlike Avast.

In this category, Avast is an obvious leader. It is more advanced and has a decent free edition packed with features. The premium solution also offers more.

Value for money

Considering Avast is more expensive, it makes sense the software offers more additional features. Users receive a personal firewall, gamer mode, VPN, smartphone optimizer, and a safe browser. Webroot, on the other hand, offers only a personal firewall, parental controls, and a gamer mode.

The price tags are different, too. When put next to each other, Webroot seems very appealing. It’s much cheaper (but it offers fewer features). On the other hand, it’s impossible to compete with Avast Free. Avast Premium bundles are way more expensive, but the number of features is bigger, as well.


Avast delivers faster and more efficient support. Users may even opt for premium services for $200 per year. In general, Avast has phone, email, and ticket support. Webroot offers only email and ticket support. The company’s managers also take a bit longer to answer. Yet, both antivirus solutions have rich databases of useful articles and answers to popular questions. 

The verdict

Webroot and Avast are very different. However, when comparing these two, Avast seems like a more reasonable choice. The software is more reliable and secure. It leads in most categories we’ve reviewed.

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