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Personal information of the modern internet users is one of the most valuable resources today. Huge corporations like Google and Facebook are ready to pay any amount of money to find out about the interests and habits of their users in order to advertise products and services that can be sold with the biggest chance. That is why some developers invent various methods to track your internet activities through the browser using spyware and viruses. Avast Antitrack premium was created as a solution to this problem.

How does Avast Antitrack work?

Avast is one of the most popular companies on the cybersecurity market. It has already developed a versatile ecosystem of applications that function to protect digital devices from external threats. Avast Antitrack is one of the additional extensions you can buy from the company to get rid of the tracking from malicious websites and browsers. The Internet is a main weak spot in the protection of every modern system and browsers virtually know everything about their users. Almost every website gathers and saves bits of your personal data, which make the internet surfing experience quite dangerous.

Benefits of Avast Antitrack:

  • The extension scans every website and notifies the user about the spying processes. It uses special algorithms to identify if the platform collects any information and prevents it in advance.
  • It hides your actions in the browser from any type of spyware, which prevents any data leakages.
  • Avast Antitrack helps to get rid of the contextual ads because it masks the information about your internet purchases. It also does not allow the browser to save your search history without permission.
  • This extension is compatible with the majority of up-to-date operating systems, which makes it a versatile and flexible tool.

Another side of the problem

The idea behind Avast Antitrack software is really great but it is not innovative. That is why it is important to point out the quality of its services and how this idea is brought to life.  

The main flaws of the application:

  • The price of around $15 for a year subscription may seem like not a big deal. However, you can find even free programs of this type that provide arguably better services.
  • Some users report significant slowdowns in the performance of their browsers while using Avast Antitrack Premium. It may be because of the relatively big size of it or multiple background processes.
  • Low level of the users’ trust in the company makes some of them really biased about this extension.


The quality of Avast Antitrack Premium services is a controversial question for modern computer users. A great idea with poor execution makes the majority choose the alternative options the market can offer. However, if you are already using an Avast application, this extension might be the viable solution for you.

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