How to Stop Avast browser opening on startup at once

Many users of Avast antivirus, which is a rather popular program and has the own Avast browser, face the difficulty that the Avast browser opens on startup. But it is easy to correct! So, take a look how to stop the Avast browser opening on startup and by the same raise the computer operation speed. Not everybody knows that during the antivirus program installation many people accidentally accept Avast as their main browser and with the same give the permission to its opening automatically. But to solve the problem is quite simple and very quickly! 

Method 1 – To examine the app programs which begin their operation at first

There are few methods how to stop opening the browser on startup and the first one is to examine the launching applications. You should visit the Control Panel and Task Dispatcher. Then you should move to the Startup tab and remove the Avast browser from the opened programs away.  

If it seems difficult for you, you can use the other variant. So, open the Avast browser, click on it, and chose Settings where the symbol “On startup” will appear. After this, tap on Start Avast Browser automatically with the computer operation beginning and turn the symbol in the other direction. 

There is nothing to do! Avast browser won’t start opening on computer operation beginning and the user can operate in the usual regime with the quicker speed. 

Method 2 – to delete the Avast browser

The second way to solve the problem is to simply delete the Avast browser. The user should the following: 

  • Click on the Settings app. 
  • Move to the application program choosing.
  • Click the Avast browser and choose Work as Administrator in the open window.
  • Tap on Yes and then click on Delete the data, saved in the browser to remove the user information and his searches.
  • Click on Uninstall and wait for the process ending. 
  • The dialogue window will open with the information and the Avast browser will be uninstalled.
  • Tap Ok and enjoy working at the computer. 

 Avast browser uninstalling will improve the system operating speed significantly and the user will simply enjoy its working. The mentioned instruction is the same both for Windows and Mac. After this, the user should find another safe browser for working. So, as you see, stopping the browser from opening on Startup is very simple and requires only some minutes. The user needs only to visit the task dispatcher and disable it.  

Bottom Line

If you want to stop opening of Avast browser at the computer operation, you should choose one of the methods, described above, and you will work without any distraction.