Samsung Review

Is Smartwatch Samsung Best for Android?

Samsung Smartwatches today occupy leading positions at the top of this kind of device and are rightfully the strongest competitor to Apple Watch. Moreover, their models are compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, where the last option is preferable. The process of connecting to the phone will pleasantly surprise users because it takes only a few seconds. The elegant look, excellent build quality, choice of color and size, the ability to replace straps, and a wide range of functions and options have won the proponents of Samsung products from the first acquaintance with this watch.


A distinctive feature of every Smartwatch Samsung is a stylish look. Some versions have a rotating bezel around the screen, which simplifies the interaction with the touch screen of the device. This is a really cool way to work with content. The variety of sizes is on sale, and many exciting colors are offered: black, silver, and even pink gold, to mention a few. The larger sizes and black colors are better for men. Smaller options seem to be provided for users of the weaker sex.


Impressive are many third-party applications that can be downloaded directly to the Samsung smartwatches, as well as the versatility of the watches itself. In total, they offer tens of exercises and several exercises with automatic data tracking. In addition, they are able to track sleep and show notifications from all possible sources of information on your smartphone.

It is impossible not to note the important ability of Samsung hand devices to make and receive phone calls using the SIM card of your smartphone if they are connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. There is also an LTE version, which only enhances opportunities for usage in diverse countries.

Thanks to NFC, contactless payments are available if using Samsung Pay. Most watches can be safely used while swimming, as they have protection against water and even a special mode for swimming. The heart rate sensor reads the pulse quite accurately, while the GPS will delight cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts with the ability to record tracks.

In total, the following sensors and technologies can be distinguished for Samsung smartwatches:

  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • NFC / Samsung Pay
  • accelerometer
  • gyroscope
  • barometer light sensor
  • heart rate monitor

Processors that are used in the devices ensure fast operation, and is usually well compatible with the size of internal memory, which opens even the ability to store pictures and music directly for hours. The battery life usually provides from 2 to 4 days of operation, although the time may vary depending on the settings and concrete model. Even though all the models of Samsung hand devices are not the cheapest on the market, but in any case, the price is justified by the quality and functionality of the device.


Ultimately, the Samsung smartwatches are truly one of the best devices in their segment of the market. Moreover, they reveal their full potential only with Android smartphones without any restriction of the smartphone manufacturer. In terms of software stability, there can be minimum problems related to interface due to the variety of Android versions. However, the software often shows perfect results with popular instant messengers, streaming applications, and especially integration with Google services. In general, most of the users will recommend considering Samsung smartwatches, especially if one wants to invest in a premium device that is equipped with many features and compatible with Android.