Samsung Review

Samsung Keyboard: Is it the Best One?

Even though the variety of smartphones is huge nowadays, and all they have their unique features or apps convenient apps for better usage, many software developers continue to produce new tools for basic functions. Thus, most people do not even think that the default keyboard is something that could be changed in the smartphone. Being a leading hardware and software developer in the world, Samsung also decided that its keyboard app will face popularity, and some forces should be made to produce it and regularly improve.

However, one of the initial questions arise: is Samsung Keyboard the best one or among the leaders at least? It is difficult to answer unequivocally, but let’s try to observe this issue in more detail before making a final claim.

Advantages, Features, Characteristics

Among the primary claims that Samsung tells about their applications is the variety of input methods and useful tips to help customers better use their keyboards. The main advantage the company defined itself is the support of 80+ languages, which makes this product automatically an interesting one due to the spreading possibilities. The other features can be grouped as follows:

• Smart typing:

  • Predictions. Despite the fact that even a default keyboard suggests the future word that may be used, Samsung went further. They placed an algorithm that makes not the most popular claim about the upcoming word, but it is adjusting for every user individually.
  • Correctness check. Another basic feature, but the regarded product presents more alternatives for spelling mistakes. Moreover, the company says that everyone will receive their personal “corrector” as typos usually have standard features.
  • Shortcuts. As most of the well-known phrases are available on every smartphone keyboard, the South Korean developer presents the ability to make personal shortcuts and make life easier for those who prefer to save a few seconds.
  • Language change. What is interesting, this elementary function was present in every mobile keyboard, but specifics of locations and interactions were too different to make order users sure that he will switch language fast. Now, one has just to swipe the spacebar to the right or left, which seems to be among the easiest methods.
  • Optimization. As the keyboard is used not only for typing SMS, users face diverse needs opening search bar or email window. Samsung adjusted the needed buttons for every purpose.

• Various input methods:

  • Clipboard. Nothing new – use clipboard for pasting text or image in the required bars.
  • Swipe control. Gestures help to input text and move a cursor.
  • Voice and hands. Another default feature, let’s assume those inputting methods were improved.
  • Keyboard adjustment. It seems to be a useful tip as everyone now can float keyboard, split it, and make it smaller for better one-hand input.

• Other features

  • Emoji. Those who like expressing emotions using a visual representation, more than 3000 emojis will bring satisfaction.
  • Language update. Samsung Keyboard learns new words faster and suggester updates on a regular basis to be on-trend.
  • Restore. Using a firm’s cloud, one can save numerous settings and backup them if needed at any time.
  • Different usage modes. Now, depending on the conditions of usage, one can use Samsung Dex, hardware keyboard, car mode, keyboard cover, and others.

What is the conclusion?

Even a short review leads to the conclusion that the Samsung Keyboard app is a rather developed product that suggests numerous useful tips and functions for a better experience. However, those who aware of the other manufacturers’ variants cannot be satisfied as some services are unavailable. Thus, among the current emojis trends is not only smiles and elementary pictures, but many also prefer to use screens of real people to express the personality more precisely. Some developers allow even making individual GIFs via keyboard usage and showed better productivity. So, you can easily use the regarded product for daily needs, but some variants can open wider possibilities.