Samsung Smart TV Apps Hack – How to prevent?

Nowadays, modern Smart TVs have become an attractive target for hackers who attack it the same way as phones and PCs. This problem has already touched most major manufacturers, for example, the Samsung company. Using the security vulnerabilities of a Smart TV, the hackers can record conversations or infect other victims’ home network devices. Follow the advice below on how to prevent your TV from cyber attacks.

How to check a TV for viruses

You have two possibilities to find out if your TV is infected: either to use a data proxy or to install an antivirus app. Antivirus software for Smart TVs are still very rare, however, ESET Smart TV Security based on Android was specially designed for such situations. As for all other devices, you need to install the latest firmware. Nevertheless, only a reset to the default settings will provide absolute security. In this case, you lose all your specified settings but also get rid of malware.

Internet access control

Allow your Smart TV to get access to the Internet only when you really need it, for example, to look at a TV program. In all other cases, you should completely deny Internet access or allow your devices to be on the local network only. You can restrict the access of your TV to the Internet in the settings of your Wi-Fi router.

Prevention of wiretapping and espionage

Devices with a camera and microphone can be protected against wiretapping either with the appropriate software or with the use of ordinary adhesive tape. Just stick a strip on the microphone hole. For example, you will find it on Smart Samsung remote control next to the on/off button.

Advice to protect your TV from Internet threats

Due to possible dangers, some basic tips were created for protecting Smart Samsung TVs from modern Internet threats.

  • Take care of the reliability of your Wi-Fi router credentials. If it is infected, hackers can get access to all devices connected to the network and install malware on them.
  • Create separate networks for different types of devices.
  • Set up your Smart TV properly.
  • Update the firmware regularly.
  • Download only well-proven programs and apps.
  • Use secure websites to watch streaming video. Сhoose only reliable and legitimate websites for viewing information.
  • Use the solution to protect your Smart TV from cyber threats.

Summing Up

Cybercrime has been rapidly growing nowadays since the appearance of Internet connection technology. Smart TVs are no different from computers, and hackers already know how to hack them. If you use a Smart TV old model with a non-updated software based on Android TV, the security problem for you is relevant. 

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