Samsung Review

Samsung Bluetooth Headphones vs Samsung Earphones

Choosing a headset is really a challenging task as a variety of suchlike devices is huge. Along with numerous manufacturers, the variety of modifications only adds a headache to the buyer. Today, we’ll stop at the battle of Samsung Bluetooth Headphones vs Samsung Earphones.

As the regarded company is among the leading brands of digital devices all over the world, its products are usually not the cheapest ones and trying to take place in the medium and higher segments. Also, the South Korean manufacturer is often focused on a unique design and reliable technical characteristics to support the brand’s name on a high level.

New trends

As portative devices are developing into the direction of smaller sizes and wireless technologies, Samsung can be considered as one of the leaders in this race. Such tendencies are also common to headsets, which become smaller, more comfortable, and with good sounding. Here the general requirements that Samsung sets to their wireless headphone and earphones in terms of controlling buttons right on the sound device:

• the volume of sounding and voice of the interlocutor should be adjusted;

• start/pause button;

• power switching;

• simple recharge.

This list widens if one will install the Samsung LEVEL application on the smartphone. With this program, the headphone owner can:

• translate text to speech;

• receive sound notifications by speaking;

• give voice commands;

• set auto power-off playback.

Headphones vs Earphones: what is the difference?

The primary difference lies at the beginning of every word. Thus, headphones should lie on the head and, though, fully close the ear from the outside environment and distracting voices. Even though earphones also have to provide sound protection, their shape is smaller, and they are installing inside the ear. It is usually related to the vacuum effect via silicone or rubber possibility to close the external auditory canal. It allows producing earphones much smaller, but there are also a lot of supporters of massive headphones.

It is important to mention that wireless headsets are becoming an indispensable assistant for modern people. Samsung provides this type of comfort for both headphones and earphones, which allows the user to keep hand free but receive calls in any environment – while driving or walking.

Samsung Headphones

Typical Samsung Wireless headphones excel in many areas, decent battery life, appropriate noise reduction, and sound quality. Also, a possibility to use wire if discharged can be useful along with an inbuilt microphone for speaking. However, there are some drawbacks, among which, a special mode that does not give a significant improvement in sound quality, dubious comfort during long sessions, as well as the sound that occurs when working with Active Noise Cancellation.

Samsung Earphones

Most of the new earphones can be kept on the neck, which is much reliable bracing. Also, a slim design and ergonomic shape transform earphones into a convenient device for a housewife, student, diplomat, and even athlete. Recent models of the manufacturer use rubber instead of plastic, which increased comfort. It makes the headset more flexible while rim does not felt on the neck. Due to the rather weighty hardware, the headset does not slip even with the active performance of sports exercises, running, inclines. Among the common disadvantages, the quality of sound should be stated, although such a small shape has physical limitations.


Even though the company provides not the highest spectrum of headsets (only 12 models are available on the official website), one can choose the most appropriate variant. In terms of prices, Samsung is not the cheapest manufacturer, and probably this factor makes not the best value for the quality-price ratio of their sounding products. The battle between headphones and earphones forces to focus more on the last variant as the quality increased in recent times, while prices are lower. However, it will always be a matter of particular choice and preference.